Dry Silk Repp Arno & Fatale Horsehair & Malindi Silk Repp Silk, Silver & Gold Yarns Slide Creating an exceptional textile
is all about keeping the essence
of what the material wants to express
Raffia Happy Viscose Chubby & Old Gold Zulu & Relax Japanese Mohair Slide Creation is a combination
of cultural knowledge and skills.
To give visibility to what
needs to be seen
Silk Waves Ginsolino & Silk Scotland Wool & Cotton Blue Stampato Sestri & Tropea Slide To delve into the interplay
of yarns
Light Green Bamboo & Linen Green Bamboo & Linen Zoe Mohair Jadeite Slide To anticipate the textile's 
assuming shape in space
Leather Leather & Stampato Brown Horsehair Tama Slub Spiral Slide To feel the materials
and their textures